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Hacks for saving money on back to school purchases

If you have children who are in school, you will agree and understand when we say that the back to school purchases always burn a hole in your pocket - and what's worse, they seem to keep increasing every year!

So here are some hacks that will help you save money this School Season.


1. Clean and Sweep:

Your child, like every other child out there might not be aware of the endless amount of supplies that are stocked up in their closets. First of all, before you set out for shopping, sweep the cupboards clean and you'll be surprised at what you'll discover!

Only after you have thoroughly examined it, you'll know that you might not buy an entire set of school supplies but only restock on what's essential.


2. Make a List

Like all budgeting processes would go, this isn't an exception.

Make a List of all the things that your child needs. This might include pencils, pens, erasers, books, bags and all those things.

Making a List will help you set limits and stick to it.

Involve your child in the process - just so that he or she knows the value of money.


3. Smart Purchases

Don't fall into the impulsive buying habits. Look for alternatives and invest in quality material only. This is the set of tools that you're child is going to use for their education so being both stingy and splurging can end up being dangerous.


Make wholesale purchases and stock up on pens and pencils. Buying in bulk always helps.

Use coupons.

And fun tip - instead of buying all the supplies during the Back to School season when the prices are the highest, go stock up on your supplies as early as possible, just to save on the prices.