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How emotional intelligence will help you

Success requires a ton load of emotional intelligence.

It’s not just about success and productivity, but Emotional intelligence offers you the stability that you need to tackle all problems that you are presented with.

Here are three tips that will explain how much emotional intelligence will help you in life.


They know their strengths and weaknesses

They know what they can take and what they cannot. Being self-aware of your flaws and strengths is very important. It helps you project or channel this in finding the right way, especially when you are dealing with the stress.

They learn from bad experiences. They never forget. They not only know that they will have to meet people with criticisms and negativity.


Getting into a fight or a heated argument can severely damage you. Emotionally intelligent people know that getting pulled into a fight isn’t productive. They focus on solutions, and not the problems.

There is no point in rambling and going toe to toe with a difficult person’s negativity, instead they find how to deal with whatever complications that should be solved

They know how to stay above difficult situations.

3.      DISTANCE

Emotional intelligence will give you some good distance. They know how to disconnect themselves from stress causing situations and people. They know how to get the best out of themselves. They take time to get away from all the pressurising negativity, and they know how to be relaxed.


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Social, Emotional and Spiritual richness

This post is going to contain more of philosophy and less of finance.

Well, to be honest – I think finance has got more philosophy to it.  If you manage your finances well, it means that you also manage your emotions well.  Financial experts suggest that managing your wealth is less about strategy and more about your emotions.

Good personal finance management means great discipline, working hard, using your time efficiently and also sticking to a plan.

So, have you ever wondered about what actually makes you realize that you are rich?

If you ask a poor, homeless person when they’ll feel they’re rich, the answer we’ll probably get is that when they have a home and good food to eat. Well, quite an interesting answer, I’d say. You and I have permanent shelter and access to good food. Then why do we not feel rich?

That is when we think about the very definition of ‘being rich’. 

Wealth and richness are relative terms. So here’s how you can find your social, emotional and spiritual richness.


Each one of us, have a different definition of wealth, and as I have covered already, the definition of wealth can be relative. Richness comes in various forms. It could be emotional, social or even spiritual. What does it mean to you? When you answer this question, you will know that the amount of wealth that you gather in the one arena that matters the most to you, will make you realize that you won’t need that much money if you are rich from the other three aspects.


Have a satisfying job. Doing what you love for a living is the first step to feeling rich. Make sure that you work with a team that treats each other with respect and celebrates each other’s successes with cheer and positivity. This can be an incredible feeling of fulfillment when you feel rich at work every single day.

Do not be too stingy. Spend your money on a few things that make you happy, and might bring you self-improvement. Let us not deny that, material pleasure does give us some feeling of richness – we are humans, after all!


Make sure that your financial future is secure. If something unfortunate happens, make sure that you can recover from it and it doesn’t have a catastrophic impact on you money-wise. Have emergency funds. Invest in a good insurance policy. Get a health cover. Plan your retirement.

What makes you really rich, is how you are living up the expectations and desires that you hold for yourself, and not confiding in the compulsions that the society thrusts on you.