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As we have insisted several times earlier, saving money is one of the most crucial elements of personal finance. You must make sure that you never compromise on this part, because your savings that will not only rescue you during those rainy days and but will also help you achieve those dreams and aspirations that you hold for yourself, be it the beach house or the sports car that you always wanted to buy.  

First step, should be this. Always have a goal. Let’s say you plan on saving 15% of your income every day, the next step should be to figure out how you can reach this goal.

So, here are five sure ways that you can adopt, so that you save money every day.

1.       Go green

Yes, it’s great for the planet, but it’s also great for your budget. Turning of the fans, lights and A.C when not in use is going to save you big chunks of you bills. Recycle your old clothes and rags by making them into home furnishing fabric. Consume less petrol and diesel. Going green is surely going to add on to your Karma as well as your savings!

2.       Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk much, much less expensive than buying individual units. If you have a big family, go ahead and make bulk purchases. You’ll be surprised at how much cost you will be able to save. But just make sure that you properly store the items that you buy, so that you don’t end up throwing most of them away. 

3.       Quit those addictions

We’ve talked about this before, too. Addictions can be expensive. The financial benefits of quitting bad habits can be incredible. If the health issues are not enough to make you quit, the fact that you will gain financial benefit by quitting these habits sure will be inspiration enough.

4.       Pay your bills on time

Do not take your bills for granted. Do it routinely and do it on time. You will be able to save a lot of money, if you can eliminate the late fees and the penalty charges on your credit card. Although the amount might look marginal at the time of paying – especially for the experienced procrastinator, doing this repeatedly will make the prices climb high.

5.        Be content with what you have

Last, and definitely not the least, being content with what you have, is not just a great way to save, but also a great way to live. Do not let greed, pride and jealousy ruin your peace of mind and your budget.

Being content is the first step to being rich. 

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