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Get motivated to Save

No one ever says no to a bulky bank account. We all want to save, and we want to be a little more financially responsible.

Saving isn’t as hard as you think. Here are a few tricks that might help deceive yourself into saving.

1.       Go Tech

If you think you give in too quickly, or that it becomes difficult for you to save, get the help of technology! We live in a golden era where we are capable of spending so easily and at the same time in an era where we can save intelligently with the help of tools that the previous generations never had.

There are several budgeting and personal finance apps available that are creatively modelled to help you save more.

2.       Be Engaged

An idle mind is a Devil’s workshop. Make sure you have a dependable pastime or a hobby that you enjoy. Having an engaging hobby or a passion, might keep you away from turning into a spendthrift who spills bucket loads of money on entertainment and leisure.

3.       Have a Goal

Don’t just save up to a target amount. Save keeping in mind a target goal. If you want an expensive gadget or a piece of jewellery, tell yourself you will not buy it with your card or cash, but that you’ll save up to it. This way, you’ll stay motivated to save, because you have a reward waiting at the end of it for you! 

4.       Positivity

Keep your friends, family and well-wishers around, and make sure that you are being surrounded by positivity. Being around people who are smart with money, and are successful is a sure way to keep you motivated. Stick to your goal, and kick out the cynics and sceptics.    

5.       Quit Emotional Shopping.  

You’re feeling a little down because of the fight you had with your boyfriend, and you need new shoes......right? 

No!! Bad idea.

Turn around, get back inside the house, lock the doors, and ask someone to hide your keys right now.

Such spur-of-the-moment purchases may uplift your mood for an hour or two, but  you’ll be left feeling worse as you realise you’re left with nothing more than an empty bank account.  

Wanting to save your money is the first step towards being good at personal finance. You reading this article till the end is proof enough that you are on the right path!