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14 Reasons Why LIC New Jeevan Anand Is A Must-Purchase Policy

1. LIC New Jeevan Anand is the combination of two policies.

·        Limited period endowment part

·        Whole life Term insurance part

2. The premium paid towards Risk never increases.

3. 125% Sum Assured on claim

4. Gives two bonuses.

5. Right after the maturity of the LIC New Jeevan Anand policy, the “whole life term policy” starts and the advantage is that the policy holder need not pay the premium from here. LIC itself pays the premium on behalf of the customer towards the “term insurance”.

6. Term insurance part lasts till the policy holder gets 100 years old.

7. If the policy holder is alive even after his 100th age, the entire Sum Assured is given back to the policy holder.

8. The policy holder receives returns twice – once on the date of maturity and next on the completion of his/her 100th age or on death

9. The premium paid under this policy is 100% tax-free.

10. This policy offers double accident benefit rider.

11. Loan and surrender facilities are available on the successful completion of 3 years of the policy term.

12. Available for NRIs and foreign national of Indian origin.

13. Assignment and nomination facility available.

14. Premium payment modes available include yearly, half-yearly, quarterly & ECS.