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Using credit cards wisely

Using your credit card wisely, is extremely important because it can save you from a pit hole of debt, later.  In order to survive the set of deadly traps, it is important that you set of essential skills that protect you against potential pitfalls.

So, here are some few tips with using credit cards, wisely.


You need to know that credit cards are actually high interest incurring loans – but in disguise. Credit card doesn’t mean easy money. In fact, it’s the exact opposite! It means loaned money.

When you buy a card, select a card that is low on interest. If you own a card that has a very high interest rate, it means you are simply not being intelligent with your credit card!

Make sure that you repay your credit card bills on time so that you don’t end up having a huge pile of late fee and other penalties.

Read the fine lines and between them when it comes to credit card agreements.


Review your bills and statements every month or as regularly as they are needed.

Credit cards are only tools that allow you to have your money in different ways. Use them with some common sense and clear financial decisions. Keep track of all your bills and purchases. Having an eye out for fraudsters can sure help keep your wealth safe. If you notice something even remotely suspicious do not be afraid to call the customer service up and ask for help.


It is advised that you can cash whenever possible, and keep your credit card away as a source of emergency fund. Minimising the use of credit cards can decrease your debt. We know that it can be easy to pull out the card and swipe it whenever you make a purchase, but that’s only going to make your interest rates grow out of control.

In short, do not make credit cards a habit.

Do not use your card like it is a free source of money.