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Kid friendly budgets

However, our treasure chest of 5 quick tips on how to save money with kids will come to your rescue.

1.       Shop Smartly

Browse and budget in detail when it comes to shopping – be it grocery or clothes, make sure that you shop smart and save up on unnecessary indulgences. Having children can make you an impulsive buyer, worse still they might have a huge impact on what brand you pick – but you have to be certain that the final decision is made by you.

2.       Fuel Conservation

Having kids around, means games consoles, TVs and lights left on, extra air conditioning and more!

Even small families can face huge fuel bills, leaving many worrying about how to save money.

Little do they know that a lot can be saved if only we had the smartness to change and be optimal with our fuel options.

3.       Entertainment Alternatives

Taking the family to movies every weekend or to the mall can turn out to be expensive!

Make sure that you include Museums, and visits to the Zoo or the park on the list. It’s not only easy on your pocket but it also makes sure that entertainment becomes educational to your children.                                     

4.       Proper Family Budget

Like we insist in all of our posts, make sure that you include your children while you budget. Making sure that they know the family income and expenses will make it easier for you in the end.

5.       Insurance and Wills

Life insurance is well worth considering if you've got kids.  Level term life assurance is one of the cheapest ways to protect your family's income if you die, because it will pay a fixed amount to your dependants.

If you've assets such as savings or a house, and others you'd like to look after, consider making a will. Although it’s a sobering question, it’s always better to be ready with an answer to, ‘If you die, what'd happen to your kids?’




Child birth and Expenses

We’ve already talked about how much child rearing costs.

But what about childbirth? Are you prepared to face all the financial pressure that having a baby might put on you and your spouse? 

We’ve pooled in a few of the expenses that you must expect when you’re expecting.


When you discover that you’re going to have a baby – sure, you’ll be elated and happy. But as your bump grows, you’ll find that the medical bills that keep rolling in would grow too.

The prenatal hospital bill can vary quite radically – we can’t predict the exact figure as it might differ from person to person and region wise. The good news here is that if you’ve taken a health insurance that has maternity cover included, then you’re good to go. 


The hospital bills will take a toll on your pocket, the minute you get into labour to the time you have your baby – it is all being billed!

And if you are in for a C-section, consider the amount doubled. Make sure if you are planning on taking an insurance, it covers you properly. It is essential that you thoroughly understand your insurance carrier’s maternity coverage policy. 

And side note, don't stay too long at the hospital!


You’ll now be purchasing things like a changing table, a crib, clothing and those first few batches of diapers – and the odds.

The baby industry is perhaps one of the fastest growing, and with so many options and the fact that every decision you make might affect your child can be overwhelming as a new parent.

Well, don’t forget – if you carefully think through it and budget your purchases, all of your anxiety will be managed.

When you choose a hospital or a service, make sure that you stay clear headed in the process. Pregnancy and childbirth can be get quite sentimental, and blind your emotions. If you are not able to do it yourself, get the help of someone who can. Get guidance and advice from friends who’ve been through it, and learn from their experiences. Shop around, weigh all your alternatives and negotiate.