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Add / Enroll new LIC policies to your existing LIC online account

If you hold one or more policies of LIC either on your name or for your family members, you shall maintain all the policies into a single LIC online account. Having an online LIC account would be helpful for you to pay the premium of those polices, check the next due dates, get the premium paid receipt anytime, etc.

If you already have a LIC online account, you shall add the further policies of yourself / your spouse / children into the same account by following the below given steps.

If you hold a policy and if you do not hold an online account, you shall create one by clicking here and then you shall follow the below steps to add the further policies to your newly created account.

1.     To add your own policies to your account:

If you had already created your online LIC account with one of your policies and now if you would like to add one or more policies of yourself, you shall login to your account by clicking here.

Once logged in, you shall click on the Basic Services -> Add New Policies menu on the left side as shown in the below image.

You shall enter the policy number you wish to add, select SELF in Relationship for your own policies or the relationship accordingly for your family members and then click on Sumbit, the policy will get added.

2.     To add the polices of your Spouse & Children:

To add the policies of your spouse or your children to your LIC account, you have to update your profile with the details of your spouse and children. To update your profile, got to Profile Management -> Update Profile.-> Family Information

After successful updation of your profile, you shall follow the steps given in Step – 1 to enroll the policies of either your Spouse or Children