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Money habits of millenials

Everyone in their 20s to 30s – the generation that we call the millennials, are very much tired of being called the spoilt generation. It’s as if the world around us, looks at the Millennials as if they were from a different planet.

We’re not aliens.

In fact, studies show that our generation is smart and conscious with spending money compared to the ones before us.

1.       Open and Straightforward

The millennials are more upfront than any other generation. They know how to talk about their finance and are quite clear in the goals that they have set for themselves.

Interestingly, this straight talk attitude is not found only in money matters, but also in their relationships. They discuss finances with their partners and are open to supporting each other’s careers.

They’re not embarrassed with sharing their financial status with others, whether it’s student loan debt, credit scores or salaries.

2.       Creative

Young adults are skeptical of most institutions and the traditionally slow way of doing things.

For example, they don’t like banks – most of the millennials are comfortable and safe with using online banking facilities. With the piles of innovation coming up, the millennials are certain about making their existences in the future comfortable.

With Paypal, Paytm, etc, they are finding easier and more creative ways to manage their money. 

3.       Happiness Oriented

Long-gone are the days when the ideal lifestyle was to have a steady nine to five job. The millennials are more happiness oriented. They want to follow their passion, and are perhaps the first generation that has been true to its heart.

Millennials are driven by a desire for meaningful experiences rather than just plain, blatant materialistic goals.


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