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Where shall we use Old 500 and 1000 notes?

While 1000 Rupee old notes are restricted from usage everywhere, only 500 Rupee old notes can be used to avail necessary services. This usage will be applicable till 15th December 2016, until new set of rules were announced.

Given below is the list of services availed by Old Rs.500 notes:

1.     Mobile pre-paid recharges up to Rs.500 per transaction.

2.     Consumer Cooperative Stores for purchases till Rs.5000 at a time.

3.     Government hospitals and Pharmacies.

4.     Government run Milk booths.

5.     Petrol pumps

6.     State and central government bill payments.

7.     Utility bill payments like water and power bills, along with arrears payments are acceptable.

8.     Toll gates from 3rd Dec 2016 to 31st Dec 2016. Toll gates are free for usage till 3rd Dec.

9.     Railway/Metro rail/Air ticket booking at the counter.

10.   Railway Catering services

11.   LPG gas cylinders

12.  Seeds at state-owned outlets

13.  Entry tickets of monuments under Archaeological Survey of India

14.  Payment of School fees up to Rs.2000 per student in Central Government, State Government, Municipality and local body schools.

15.  Foreign citizens can exchange up to Rs.5000 per week

16.  Payments towards court fee.

17.   Crematoria and burial grounds