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Tackling procastination

Procrastination is perhaps the biggest devil of all.

Charles Dickens call procrastination the thief of time.

Summer, means that the high season of procrastination is up. We’re caught up between getting work done at the office and thinking about all the time that we could spend with our family.

Procrastination magnifies stress, reduces performance, and leads to poor health. So here’s how you can work, even when you don’t feel like working at all!

1.       Ditch Those Excuses.

Procrastination is fuelled by excuses. They’re one of the most troubling causes for procrastination, because they’re quite difficult to conquer. Instead of just freezing up when you’re confronted with a difficult task, simply begin to move in any direction, fast.

Allowing yourself to be overwhelmed by the complexity of the task, will only end up wasting up a lot of your time.

Several life coaches say, ’Let not fear of the whole to stop you from engaging in the parts.’ 

Remember inactivity is the culprit that keeps your productivity levels quite down.

2.       Ditch Those Distractions.

We’ve all had experiences where the smaller, irrelevant tasks that distract us from the real assignment. Distractions numb you by shifting your attention away from reality. They tempt you into wasting your time, without even making you realise that you’re doing so.

The only key to conquer this is to stay aware of all the things that you need to accomplish and constantly reminding yourself that you have a goal.

3.       Lethargy

One of the major causes for excuses is the statement, ‘This is just too easy.’

When you keep putting things off, even tasks that are too easy can turn out to be surprisingly dangerous. You know why? Because the whole while, you’ve been constantly underestimating how much time they’ll take to complete.

Draw connection to the bigger picture, and kick off that laziness that gives you an easy attitude!


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