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Planning your wedding - The Finances

The economic differences that are seen in an Indian wedding are just as diverse as the social and ethnic backgrounds that are found throughout the sub-continent.

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning for a big fat Indian wedding or just a simple, budget-friendly ceremony – we’re going to give you a few tricks and tips that might help you have a more financially efficient wedding.

1.       Get Contacts

The first thing you need to do, is to collect a big fat set of phone numbers. This should include banquet halls, caterers, party planners, musicians, stylists, etc. Now, unleash your spread sheet skills and compare the different options that you have.

2.       Guest list

Before you create a budget, you need to know what your incurred expenses might be. For this, draw a list of expected guests. If you’re into a more budget friendly wedding, just add close friends and family to the list. Remember the cost of the food, hall and other factors of the wedding are directly related to the number of guests you have in the list.

3.       Smart Shopping

The very idea that you are getting married might cast butterflies in your stomach, but don’t let that splurge your money emotionally. Be a smart shopper, see what your alternatives are and carefully choose.

4.       Be Creative!

Probably one of the coolest ways to cut down a lot of expenses is to get creative!

Use DIY techniques, let your imagination run wild, and implement lateral thinking.

You will sure as well cut down a lot more cost than a professional would.

Yes, wedding planners are becoming quite famous these days. Even if you are planning to hire one, don’t forget that knowing the expected and incurred costs of your own wedding cannot do you much harm!

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Written By: Balakarthiga.M