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LIC Pension Plan Jeevan Akshay - Lifetime pension for policyholder with 50% pension for Spouse

Under this option in Jeevan Akshay, pension will be provided to the policy holder from the time he purchases the policy till the end of their life. After the policy holder expires, 50 % of the pension the policyholder received will be provided to their spouse till the end of the life of the policy holder's spouse. Below is the pension rates under this option for 1 Lakh deposit.

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  • Ranjan

    6/15/2016 10:07:32 PM | Reply

    Whether my nominee would get any benefit in case of my unexpected demise ?

    • Prashanth

      6/16/2016 9:45:16 PM | Reply

      Your nominee would receive pension equal to HALF of the pension what you had received. Your spouse would receive this pension till the end of his / her life.

  • Dutta

    6/17/2016 11:14:02 PM | Reply

    Is it possible to surrender this policy after getting a few years of pension and take the surrender value from this pension policy

    • Rajasekaran

      6/20/2016 10:02:18 PM | Reply

      Surrendering of the policy is not being allowed in any option of Jeevan Akshay. The policy holder cannot surrender this policy. Only pension shall be availed.