Personal Accident Policy



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Payout Option

Have you ever been diagnosed with or are you under treatment for any disability/deformity?

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Has any company ever declined to issue/renew a Personal Accident policy for any proposed?

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Does your job require you to be involved with any hazardous activity, significant manual labor, operating heavy machinery, handling hazardous material, working at heights/underground/construction sites, oil rigging, high voltage, high temperature, working in aircrafts or sea-going vessels or adventure sports or armed forces?

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Have you ever been entrusted with prominent public functions?

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Do you participate in Adventure/ extreme sports?

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Do you have an existing personal Accident/Health Insurance policy with Care Health or any other Insurer?

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Product Features

* This Personal Accident Policy is issued by Care Health Insurance Company Ltd and the Sum Insured is 1 lakh.
* Accidental hospitalization expenses would be covered upto 1 lakh and Accidetal Death and Disability would be covered for 1 lakh INR.
* In case of Accidental Hospitalization, Rs.2,000 would be provided as cash payout per day in Option - 1 and Rs.3,000 per day in Option - 2 and Rs.4,000 per day in Option - 3 with 1 day deductible.